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Alter Ego & The Disco Den: Lubelski (Deserts Hearts) & Abi Getto

  • The Great Northern SF 119 Utah Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)

Alter Ego & The Disco Den present: 

Lubelski | Abi Getto | DJ Chad b2b Ash


[Desert Hearts / Room Temp]

Abi Getto
[Wine & Cheese / Nap Girls]

DJ Chad b2b Ash
[All of the Above]

In the Red Room ::

dAvi A

Cosmic Crates


Lubelski [Desert Hearts / Room Temp]
Multi-instrumentalist and self-proclaimed audiophile, Lubelski utilizes analog gear, vinyl sampling, and unique styles of synthesis to create refreshing beats undefined by trends. He aims to offer a diverse range of sounds that exist somewhere in between the realms of psychedelia, world, rave, and comedy. His passion for music and eclecticism results in records that have the ability to make you dance, think, and even laugh. 

Lubelski’s catalog includes releases with esteemed labels such as Nervous, Sweat It Out!, Anabatic, Room Temp and Popgang under his various aliases. However, his work with Desert Hearts is what has put his moniker on the map. His breakout tune Doses, co-produced by Fritz Carlton, still ranks as one of DH’s biggest tracks to date. Followed by his solo EP, Keep Going, which received wide spread support from the likes Latmun, Pirupa, De La Swing, Gene Ferris, Riva Starr, and more, the fresh faced producer has shown no signs of stopping. 

Currently booking shows nationwide, the Los Angeles native has sparked the interest of a few European labels with releases set for early 2018.

Abi Getto [Wine & Cheese / Nap Girls]
Abi Getto aka "Kevin" is a human DJ made of 70% pudding and 30% bones. She loves music but hates the Happy Birthday song. Her hobbies include crying sometimes but not all the time and actively avoiding group activities. When it comes to turning knobs, techno and house are her weapons of choice...because with tiny hands, comes great responsibility.

DJ Chad b2b Ash [All of the Above]
DJ Chad's sets have been self-described as akin to an assortment of cheeses. Wellington brings a mix of disco, techno and hip-hop infused house to the dancefloor.

Ash is a local DJ and radio host with a passion for uncovering underground artists and sharing their stories. His sets are designed for dance and discovery.


VOID sound
The Great Northern
119 Utah St. SF, CA