More ET than most humanoids, El-Skel is pure mystery and wonder. An artist of many mediums, El-Skel's true identity is not known, although it is rumored that he hails from San Luis Obispo and loves a good bacon sandwich. We offer a variety of unique art pieces for the funkadelic martian soul. Represent your attitude and soul bound funk! These are not just clothes, stickers, or posters. We Promise. It was recently revealed El-Skel has started assisting the Trash Pirates organization in the quest for leaving no trace at all events in which we participate. In an effort to keep it green, we've updated our philosophy! Everything we make is 100% sustainable. Made to Order. Zero Waste. (Except for our packaging. Were working on it!!! It's plastic so please make sure to sort and recycle!) 

If you have questions about our material sources, manufacturing, best practices, or want to hear a cheesy joke, Just ask below! 


el. Skel

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