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MUSIC | ART | FASHION for those who are unwavering in their journeys and willing to stand up (or kneel) for what they know is right.

Made for the Rebel in YOU.

About us.

First off, we're a company rooted in Art, Music, and Fashion. We don't follow trends, we create them.

More E.T. than most other humanoids...

El.Skel is pure mystery and wonder. El.Skel's true identity is not known, although it is rumored that he may have been sent here to earth as help from space from our alien neighbors and loves a good bacon sandwich. We offer a variety of Goods n' Garments for the rebel in you! Our creations are designed to inspire and empower those who use them for good!

Rebel for a Cause! Help your fellow Earth Occupants!

These are not just clothes, stickers, or posters. We Promise. SHRED TILL DEAD. FUNK THE WALL. DANCE ALL NIGHT.